The Wine Rack for Kaare Klint

The Wine Rack is an almost sculptural approach to the quest for storing wine bottles in an exceptional way. It was realized in collaboration with Kaare Klint Furniture Korea. The wine bottles are placed within the sculpture, and become a focal point of every room. Due to a soft angle of 23 degrees the wine bottles are stored perfectly, keeping the cork wet at all times. The wood is carved by hand, sanded meticulously, and finished with oil or barnish.

The Wine Rack collaboration with Kaare Klint Furniture resulted from a series of artworks: Wineholder 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, and 006. The first two pieces are made of walnut wood and stainless steel. Wineholder 003 is made of cherry wood combined with stainless steel. Wineholder 004 and 006 are made from walnut, with wineholder 006 coming including stainless steel wall fixture. Wineholder 005 was created using oak wood. Other woodtypes, such as ash, or beech are available as well.

the wine rack_Sven Schelwach



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