Origami Wallet 001 (small)

The objective of this piece was to create a portefeuille, which uses as little stiching as possible, with maximum durability while incorporating a minimal yet elegant design.

The Origami. wallet was therefore inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper. This ancient tradition is not only fascinating as an art itself, but is also an incredibly skillful and efficient way to bring strength to an unstitched and unglued object. Initially developed out of a single sheet of paper, the Origami. wallet has turned into a hand-made accessory: unique, timeless and durable.
The larger version of the Origami. wallet is made of 5 pieces of leather with 10 points of stiching, whereas the smaller version of the wallet consists of 3 pieces of leather with 8 points of stiching. Due to the limited availability of high quality leathers, all Origami. wallets come in limited editions – signed and numbered. Certain types of leather might only be available for as few as 2 or 3 pieces in quantity. The materials used are: genuine leather, linnen, hemp, and cotton. This accessory, treated with good care and love will last you a lifetime.


origami.wallet 001 (small)

Material: vegetable tanned leather (cow)
Hand-stitching: linnen thread with bees wax protection
Package: linnen, hemp, cotton
Available colors: brown (cow), charcoal black (cow)
Size: ~9 x 5.5 cm