Between Traditions

Between Traditions is part of a series that also consists of Tradition No.8, Reality Foam 002 and Stool 002, all showcased in the 2011 exhibition “CONTEMPORARY TRADITIONS” by Sven Schelwach at Gallery SoSo in Heyri Art Valley, South Korea. Between Traditions is a combination of styles and functionality. Using similar design elements as the aforementioned pieces, the work on display functions both as a Korean dining table and a coffee table, with unique, modern and clear lines. The table top, made of warm colored hardwood, appears to be floating, on high-end stainless steel legs. “Dong-baek kirim”, a natural oil, traditionally used in Korea for furniture, was applied as finish. It seals the wood and adds a subtle and silky shine.

Demanding attention, yet blending in with the rest of the interior, Between Traditions is a statement on contemporary, traditional inspired design.The dimension of this table is 108 x 68 x 32 cm, but can also be customized upon request.