TAOMINA believes in uncompromising quality, integrity and sustainability. We value a human-centered, collaborative approach to create innovation through what we call sustainable-design-thinking.
We design esthetic, functional and environmentally sound products and processes, conveyed through simple forms and clear lines combined with distinct attention to detail.

TAOMINA offers cutting-edge product, architectural, and interior designs, as well as sustainable design consulting in line with front-running sustainable design frameworks such as biomimicry, cradle-to-cradle, green-building, and permaculture.

To ensure the best product and service quality possible, we are part of an international business partner network.


Mission, Vision, and Culture

Product Mission – Provide highest quality designs and consulting services based on state of the art knowledge and visionary thinking.
Service Mission – Ensure a personal, cooperative work and service experience.
Community Mission – Support local communities through customer involvement and education workshops.
Ecologic Mission – Design and operate with corporate social environmental responsibility (CSER) in mind.


We envision a waste free world of abundance, designed according to natural, cyclic principles, where people live and companies produce & cooperate with the environment, not against.


For us TAOMINA is the embodiment of long-lasting, sound product and process design, teamwork, a customer-centered approach, diversity, fun, a healthy work environment, and customer satisfaction. This creates a culture of collaboration and of high performance.


The meaning of the word TAOMINA: ~ tao-mina

tao: [道 dào; chin.]: “way“, “street“, “path“ or “method”, “principal”, “the right way”

mina: language spoken in India; [old germ.,pers.,afgh., 皆 jap.]: love, wish, all, everyone

The word TAOMINA has a meaning that roughly translates as the language of the creation, or the love of the right way. For us TAOMINA is also the embodiment of long-lasting and timeless sustainable design.

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